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By Creating Funnels and Ad Campaigns (THAT WORK!) Our clients achieve their wealth goals for their Biz!!! We love what we do! Assisting coaches, consultants and personality-based businesses, like you, experience the exponential growth that is only possible via online advertising on the most used platforms - Facebook™ and Instagram™.
How? We Listen and build!!
We hear you and make it easy! With a superior step-by-step process we make sure that as an Entrepreneur you have a well oiled AD & Funnel Machine where potential clients get on your calendar, into your webinar, or whatever proven offer you know will win you business! We are the catalyst! Now you have the time to focus on what is most important...
When? You Tell me!!
Every month we spend tens of thousands of dollars, helping clients scale their business to 3x, 5x, 10x the amount of growth than what they had prior to working with us.

We do the heavy lifting of Ad Campaigns and Sales Funnel Builds while you do what you are already a pro at. 


Complete - Done for you - Ads Management, optimization, testing, etc.
Well designed, streamlined funnels - that convert
Comprehensive On-boarding to perfect messaging, target audience, exclusion and best practices that get results
" I alone can't change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters and create many ripples."
- Mother Teresa
rebecca Holka
  • Facebook™ & Instagram (done for you) Ads Management
  • ​Comprehensive Deep-Dive into Brand Messaging 
  • Sales Funnel Builds that Convert
  • ​Copywriting and Coaching 
Hello, I am Rebecca and I live in, almost always sunny, southwest Florida (near St. Petersburg). I Only recently I relocated to Grandmother and Parents from the North-East also came not too far behind me. This big move enabled me to provide a safe, loving and thriving environment for my 90 yr. old grandmother, Shirley. Stepping up to care for her was the best decision I have ever made! 🥰 I also have a 6 yr old black lab, named Bruno who keeps me young. I'm a bit of an old-school online gamer - love the beach/sunshine - enjoy taking pictures and... going for long rides/walks with, my beloved playful boy, Bruno. Just a fun adventurous gal who loves to enjoy life.
For over 20 plus years I have been in the Corporate Sales and Marketing industry. Over those years, I had noticed several HUGE gaps where our clients were missing potential golden opportunities - simply because they did not have the right tools in place that accurately targeted the right people at the right time!! As anyone knows this is the most important part of sales and conversion! If you have ever ran a marketing or sales campaign you know exactly what I am talking about!

Long story short, I wasn't okay with so much missed opportunity. I wanted to do more to serve clients, coaches, entrepreneurs , consultants and B2B businesses scale to the next level. Therefore, feeling limited by the tools and processes that are corporations, I decided that instead of trying to change the company, I would start my own! Stayed in the game and pushed to create a company where I could provide 1:1 service.

Fast-forward ---> TODAY - ABSOLUTE SUCCESS!

NOW, as a Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads & Sales Funnel strategist - I have leveraged my refined hard skills and used my years of expertise to help people grow their businesses. It is so rewarding to see my clients experience - 3x, 4x, even 10x the growth in their business. I am doing what I love for people who are doing what they love - using tools that are ACTUALLY WORKING RIGHT NOW!
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