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FACT #1:
Running a 10x ad campaign = true targeting + epic experimentation + selling strategy.

OUR sECRET SAUCE iS A profitable complex formula!

Part selling strategy + part tech genius + part creative thinking=HUGE ROAS.

Luckily, that is exactly how my brain is wired. Creative nerd here!

Let's face it --> when it comes to running successful Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads, there is no easy button. Sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Everyone knows that successful ad campaigns are complicated AF. Facebook™ has worked hard to make the process look easy. Maybe you do have a handle on the basics and know enough to do... "meh" or even "okay." Now even with some measurable success under your belt, I can practically guarantee you have no idea what’s available to you that can truly take things to the next level.

+ If you have dabbled in the basics of Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads, but are ready to see a spike in ROI…

+ If you are excited but overwhelmed by paid advertising. 

+ If you are looking to scale and expand online and explore the possible success ads could have for your business…

+ If you’re tired of playing small and ready to work with a consultant as invested in your success as you are…

That’s where I come in…

I'm Rebecca Holka

I'm Rebecca Holka, a Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads expert and business consultant to seven and eight-figure coaches looking to exponentially increase their ROI on advertising. The catch is, I only work with businesses I know I can help to succeed.
Let's face facts: Most ad consultants are not honest about what you can expect from advertising campaigns. Sure, they will paint a pretty picture about the possible outcomes, but they often fail to mention the more probable outcome: that you’ll end up spending a ton on campaigns that have zero chance of making their money back.

But I know that every campaign — whether it generates leads and sales or not — gives you data. And if you know how to read it, that data is like a code that tells me exactly how to adjust the variables to get amazing results.

I simplify the complex world of Facebook™ and Instagram™ advertising for business owners who are serious about investing in a results drive ads strategy that will have a major impact on how their business progresses over time. I do this through a tried and true process of data gathering, analysis, strategy, and experimentation.

As a business owner, understanding what’s truly possible with Facebook™ ads can be a little like trying to understand quantum physics as an interior designer.

Advertising on Facebook™ is a complex science — there’s so much more to it than a quick boost of a post >>> to 2 billion users. You do not need to be a Facebook Ads genius to see how that type of "advertising" is absolutely a waste of your hard earned cash. 

In only 21 days I made 8k using proven strategies. My business began to skyrocket into success after only a few weeks of running my own ads. At first, family friends, and colleagues thought I was nuts... (normal reaction us entrepreneurs are used to - lol), and so began a boutique Facebook Ads Agency. Doubt is mere motivation. They believe in the "secret sauce" now. Yeah, now they have seen the results and even if they don't know how, they know it works and that is what matters --> A well-oiled customized ad machine that generates consistent revenue. 

Facebook ads are not a magic lamp. It is absolutely work, however it is work that is completely in my realm of genius. I never planned on being a a Facebook Advertising guru -it just kind of turned out to be the best thing I could do. I was a business owner who needed to scale. I was you! Now I am focused on helping other business owners - 10x their business, sell out their high-ticket offers, and scale to insane levels. 

This is where I am able to share knowledge and provide 1:1 guidance and support that serves other business owners, while it also provides a way for me to meet some really remarkable people, doing absolutely amazing things, all across the world. 

I love what I do and who I serve. Looking forward to becoming more acquainted!

Let us nerd out on the technical stuff so that you can concentrate on your zone of genius.

diY Ads | startups
Want to run your own ads successfully? Need some guidance? I’ve distilled my process down to a formula anyone can follow. A perfect solution if you are just getting started.
serious Services
No interest in "DIY ad strats?" Want to let someone else create the perfect campaign for your goals? We work with a limited roster of consulting clients to achieve outstanding results.
the ad tribe Hive
Looking to become a campaign engineer and strategy specialist? Join our AD TRIBE HIVE for hands-on mentorship and growth. Learn the secret to running profitable campaigns for your clients.

Facebook™ and Instagram ads are complicated AF – but I’ve nailed it down to a Ads Strategy anyone can implement to reach thousands of new clients who are interested in an online course, mentorship or group just like yours.

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"You are what you do, not what you say you will do."

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