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FAcebook + Instagram ads
can = extreme growth for your business
…But they’re not a magic pill.

People come to me all the time eager to get help with their ads.
But they think that investing in advertising is all they need to do to sell out their course or fill up a membership site.

Except that’s the equivalent of believing that Viagra will make you good in bed.

I want you to think about Facebook ads as Viagra: they can give your traffic and possibly your revenue a, AHEM, lift — but they can’t romance brand new visitors into signing up for your list or buying your product. The wooing is on YOU.

I'm Rebecca Holka, and I'm a Facebook and Instagram ads genius & consultant to online business owners allocating $10,000 a month or more on ad spend.

The hard truth: that’s a shit ton of money, which means that not only do I have to be completely on my game, but the people I work with do as well.

Because many ad pros are happy to take their clients’ money, regardless of whether the ads will actually work or not. But that’s not how I roll.

I want to dig deep and make sure that your funnel is actually working before we spend any time, energy, or money throwing traffic at it through ads. That requires doing actual math and research.

But what we get in return is data, which is really, truly like a drug to me.

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I get a thrill out of getting revolutionary results for my clients, and it’s seriously addicting. 
 "The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." 
- Colin R. Davis
“I’m hesitant to work with anyone who’s an agency. I want the expert. If I hire a Facebook Ads expert, I want that person. Not their people that they’re paying less than I’m paying them. Rebecca was hands-on and straightforward, she understands great copywriting, what qualifies, and what’ll make for a great ad. Rebecca knows her stuff.
I didn’t need to be super involved. I gave her everything she asked. I trust Rebecca. I love how straightforward she is, there’s none of that B.S. you see with other Facebook Ad people.

Shawn Anderson - Social Media Expert and Business Strategist

Fun Facts:

+ I’m a Massachusetts raised New England gal. (where 4-letter swear words are adjectives)

+ I am a Patriots Fan. (still shocked about TB to Bucs)

+ I lived a block away from the actual home of ‘Mary had a Little Lamb.’ (ikr – Yep, she was a real person. 😲)

+  I share a birthday with Cher & Busta Rhymes which happens to be 5/20.

+ I’m the bestie to some badass chic's. 👈💯💥

+ I moved from FL to Dallas, TX for ❤ -after only 3mos of dating. (he's worth it)

+ Fur-Baby Parent to 3 pups.

+ I train in kickboxing 4x per week. 

+ I lost 20lbs post COVID in the past 60days -it's almost Halloween.

+ I have lived in 9 US States and I prefer Florida to them all… so far 😉

+ I’m an extrovert, (but also need my girl cave time).

+ I had the privilege of caring for my 90+ beloved Grandma, for the past 2 years.

+ I have never intentionally run with the popular crowd. I prefer a TRIBE that VIBES a love for people.

+ I get off on being witty, and always make people laugh.

+ I’m opinionated, very smart, and I stand up to bullies and douchebags.

+ One of the BEST Facebook ad experts out there, and it feels good.

+ I love great fiction and/or fantasy, but struggle to find books I like.

+ I own a non-profit focused on assisting women in transition.

+ I wanted to be an actress and marry River Phoenix, when I was a child. (I even named my first brother after him.)

+ I randomly update this list so who knows what juicy tidbit I will share next week. LOL -seriously tho 🤣
“I literally searched for a Facebook ad consultant for months; I interviewed more than ten different people and agencies to work with. I was frustrated and tired, but knew that I needed someone great to run my ads.
The very first time we worked together, Rebecca got me a 499% ROI from my investment! Now I completely defer to their recommendations when it comes to my Facebook ads, and it’s a huge relief to know my money's in the most capable hands.”

Lisa Maine - VP of Sales, RISE Engineering

ad campaign genius for your business

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